I confess, I'm also puzzled about your dislike of singletons. Used properly, they can be very useful. Do you have objections about their use in specific circumstances, or in general? If it's in general, I'm interested in understanding why. It's quite possible that I'm behind in current thinking about their use, and I'm always interested in learning more.

I've certainly seen places where singletons have been abused, which can lead to big problems, since some people treat them as permission to establish all kinds of essentially global variables. I've found them to be pretty useful, as long as I only used them where they fit the problem I was trying to solve.


Dimitry Polivaev wrote:
Hi Chris,

first of all, when I write "singletons" I mean that we do not need 
multiple instances of the mode controllers with corresponding actions 
and listeners. It does not mean that the classes should implement the 
singleton pattern. But I do not see any preferences of creating all 
those objects each time we create a new map view or load a new map.

Further I have read that you do not like the singletons. But I still do 
not see what you find wrong about them. I have to admit that I can not 
follow you and understand you properly because you neither explain what 
you mean nor tell me any arguments. I am even not sure, whether you 
think that we need many controller instances and what reasons you could 
have for it. So if you want that I understand you and come to you, you 
could write a bit more.

Your appeal to read "good literature" does not make your position any 
bit clearer either. But if you like to recommend me some good book, you 
can always do it.

Regards, Dimitry

Hi Dimitry,

as I already anounced, I don't support more singletons. Please read
any good literature on MVC pattern and you'll see that none of them
needs any singletons to be successful.

Regards, Chris

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