#99 OPML import / export support


It would be great if there was the ability to use the standard OPML
file format to import and export content from Freemind to other
OPML aware applications, and vice-versa.

Freemind already uses an XML file format of sorts, so this shouldn't
be a massive diversion. More info on OPML can be found here:


  • Craig Maloney
    Craig Maloney

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    Agreed, this would be very useful,

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    I agree. I'd like to flow in and out of e.g. omnioutliner.

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    I agree. OPML is the currently the best option for
    exchanging data to/from all the outliner software out there.
    Also it makes it easy to publish the text outlines fully
    automated to websites, like blogs.

    It's also extremely easy to implement as its such an
    uncomplicated and simple format.


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    This would be sweet

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    This would be great to have, and I'm reluctant to use
    Freemind until it's available.

  • What does it take to get import/export upgraded in importance. This is increasingly becoming the lingua franca for talking between outliners and/or mindmaps. It's not enough to do one, Freemind needs to do both.

  • Darrin Mison
    Darrin Mison

    Apparently there are several XSLT stylesheets included with FreeMind do to conversions to and from other formats and FreeMind. These include OPML. I discovered this from this blog article: http://njmac.blogspot.com/2008/09/freemind-on-mac.html

    The paths to find these on Linux are:


    On OSX they are in /Applications/FreeMind/accessories/ (assuming you installed into /Applications/ of course)

    You can Export to OPML by going to File->Export->Using XSLT, and selecting the mm2opml.xsl file.

    To import you will need a XSLT tool as described in the blog post.

    I wonder how many users FreeMind has missed by having this issue still open here with no information.