#841 Adding Image in Comments Section of Node


Dear Sir/Madam, I use freemind software very heavily in a. office - for meetings, notes, tracking, summary b. personal - notes while reading book, quotes, rules, data mgmt, etc. During my use I always feel the need of pasting the lots of reference information into the comments section of that node so that in future [after 2-10 years] if i need to refer the details then i have those data with me.

While adding some information, I feel urge to paste the key images (of technical system architectures, diagrams, frameworks , approaches, methodology, etc) into the node to covey the key information on that node. As you know - diagrams/images are worth more than 1000 words so its v.v..v imp for people like us to have images in the node.

So it would be v.v.v.v helpful and nice to have the images pasting / insertion facility into the comments section.
I can't stress it more as I am desperately looking for this feature badly.

I am also a technical person and knows programming. In case if you need my involvement, then I will be very much interested to work on this feature to make it work. I will be oblidged.

appreciate if you can consider my this request.It will be dream come true :) for storing my notes for life.



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