#839 Export nodes to a to-do list


Not sure if this has been done, I certainly did not find it in version 0.9.0, but I would like to be able to export certain nodes to a to do list, either third-party of native. It could even be a CVS file I suppose - which I am sure must have been done somehow - but I would prefer it to be in a list format, taking across node detail such as Title (value of Node), priority, due date etc. When I think about this this is the basic functionality of a gantt chart and this has been requested. I look forward to see what emerges


    • status: open --> pending
  • Hi,

    the search&replace window has a export function I used for that. Just filter or sort the nodes such that your todos can be marked together and export them to a new map. This is the list, then.

    HTH, Chris