#827 saving .mm files in UTF-8


Please add an option for saving (and loading) .mm files in UTF-8 encoding.

Many believe (as I did) that they can go with Freeming instead of plain text and in case of troubles running Freemind (not available on the system, crashing or whatever) they will be able to search in the .mm file using plaintext editor. "It's an XML so it's basically a text inside, what can go wrong?"
Then they find the reality about what is in there really - scary things like "oprávnění (SAP, ne add-on) Smolkové zkopírovány" which is hardly searchable and/or readable.

I don't know how it happened that .mm format uses XML entities inside (I don't deny that it has a reason) but an option to use UTF-8 encoding in .mm files would be certainly useful as well.


  • Hi,

    open the mindmap file with the browser and you should see the characters correctly.

    HTH, Chris