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#778 Support embedded images (Binary64)

Tal G

I am using free mind to summarize document and in many cases there some illustrations in those document that I want to insert to FreeMind.
What I do now is create an image and put a link to it.
The problem with that is that I need to take my images with my mm file, it is hard to share mm files like that.
If the images were embedded in the HTML of the SimplyHTML window it Will be great, even though it will make my mm file bigger.


  • Carsten Pohle
    Carsten Pohle

    I would like to vote for this proposal. I use create notes in iOS using iThoughts, which provides a nice way of adding images not nodes. However, they are cannot be stored to the .mm file, as this file format does not support embedded images.

    Maybe a solution could be to develop a new fileformat like ".mmz", which would be a ZIP file including the map together with all used images.?