#729 Having a true autosave


Would be useful to also have a true autosave option that overwrites original file. You won't have to keep hitting Ctrl+S. This could supplement the current autosave behavior of copies being saved at intervals under other names.
For a good example see behavior in Wikidpad and Flashnote where you never have to manually save since that is done automatically in the background. Very useful.


  • steve

    Update: Wikidpad uses the following autosave rules (for overwriting original files): If keyboard idle time is 5-15 seconds or 60 seconds have passed, an autosave occurs. This has been a very useful time and distraction saver. Microsoft OneNote has a similar autosave, to good effect.

  • dwiz

    This feature is a must! Leaving FreeMind always open, I never know which file to reopen after my computer restarts (did I manually save or not?), and I have to compare the timestamps of my file vs the autosaved version every time...


  • Anonymous

    Another reason for autosave - I access my Freemind files on more than one computer - the files are synced with dropbox-like software. If I have unsaved changes in an open map at work, those are not reflected when I get home on my home machine. Having a true auto-save would facilitate synchronizing files between multiple machines.

  • Pavel

    I want this feature too

  • Pascal

    I am also missing this feature. I use iThoughtsHD on my iPad, which synchronises through box.net or dropbox. This works great if I remember to save before leaving my computer and picking up my iPad. If I don't - big big issues. Autosave would solve this.

  • I'm using FreeMind to take notes during meetings and it would definitely be helpful to get rid of the CTRL-S to better keep focused on the conversations.

    I would say that the behaviour described by steve would be fine, and 1 or 2 settings to change how long to wait before saving would be enough.