#428 Save Screen Space, make visual representation more intuitive

Andreas Ebbert


thanks for the great tool. Yet I think that it could be
a lot better, if some attention is paid to better
layout and increased usability. The layout has to be
improved in terms of screen space usage, node
separation, automated formatting.

First, I'm referring to a few other RFEs that are
mentioning items worth to consider for a better layout
and usability:
[ 1424089 ] Default HTML node format
[ 1220987 ] Root node should have centered alignment
[ 1153755 ] To be able to define the text width of a
Long Node in the ma
[ 749714 ] Set width of a long node
[ 883496 ] Vertical distance between nodes
[ 828083 ] Bigger gap between different nodes
[ 1157370 ] User-defined node orientations
[ 830522 ] Radially distributed node placement, and
shifting root

[ 1434527 ] edit long nodes within node
[ 1256607 ] Simplified node color changing
[ 1204582 ] Every node should be a multiline node

I think also the list of already existing RFEs
underlines that there's a definit need for better
layout capabilities and better usability. The
requirements IMHO are:
* Automatically wrap long lines for better readability.
Hard line breaks are still possible.
* Better separation of childs that belong to a
different sibling (extra space!)
* Nodes from root should orignate from top and botton
of root, not left and right, to use the screen space.
Better yet, or optionally, they should be distributed
* Apply weight to node connectors, making them thicker
if they have more childred (just like a real tree)

* Long nodes by default, no extra editor (with
automated linebreaks, as said above, should be easy to
implement, if they're all html)
* Check for keywords in node text to apply icon or color.
- a '!' at the beginning/end of the node =>
Exclamation Icon
- a '?' at the beginning/end of the node => Question Icen
- Other keywords to include icons could be :-), P1,
P2, ..., P7, OK, NOK, ...
- Also colour could be changed automatically if
keyword is detected in node

Sorry for putting this all in a single RFE, but I
really thing that FreeMind could gain a lot, if these
issues are adressed. Thanks for reading,



  • Andreas Ebbert
    Andreas Ebbert

    I've just downloaded the latest FreeMind Release (0.8.1) and it's sad to see that the same issues I've talked about two and a half years ago all still apply - even stay uncommented. I'm now assigning it to one (random) person in the hope that this RFE is gaining some momentum.

    Kind Regards,

  • Andreas Ebbert
    Andreas Ebbert

    • labels: --> Painting and Laying out
    • milestone: --> _FreeMind_0.8.0
    • priority: 5 --> 7
    • assigned_to: nobody --> christianfoltin