#38 Better editor: special math symbols and text formatting

Flavio Curti

What do you think of a better editor for the nodes? As
i use Freemind for learning, i would really like to be
able to use math special-characters, and sometimes
even some formatting in the nodes themselfs.
Tables inside/attached to a Node would be really
usefull as well.
What do you think?


    • summary: Better editor (Math comes to mind) --> Better editor: special math symbols and text formatting
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    This, of course, is an obvious feature, which only needs to be
    implemented. For formatting, using HTML seems like a good
    idea. If you provide a Java component that does the thing, I'll
    integrate it.

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    would we be able to display the html in the map view?

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    Have a look at eKit (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ekit/),
    an HTML editor component for Java.

    • priority: 5 --> 7
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    I think integrating eKit into FreeMind should not be too
    difficult. eKit is not perfect, but should do the trick as a
    preliminary solution.

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    Working with wikipedia, I've gotten pretty comfortable
    working with LaTeX syntax. I'm trying to use FreeMind to
    keep my Calculus notes, writing fairly long notes explaining
    what I've learned. However, it'd be SO much nicer if I
    could pop equations in there in LaTeX.