Outstanding tool - Better than commercial

  • Paul Forest
    Paul Forest

    Thanks again for the outstanding design and implementation of FreeMind. 

    When you get to know the keyboard shortcuts and other UI shortcuts, you can enter content literally as fast as you can type.  Moreover, the ability to locate and organize information is quick and intuitive.  The ability to nest content logically is outstanding.  This leads to easy refactoring of information, via dragging with the mouse (or cut-paste). 

    You can work on anything from high-level concepts to the lowest-level in the same file, and focus on whichever is of more interest to you at the time. 

    Here are some (unexpected) uses that myself and others have used FreeMind for, and had more success than other commercial or free software:

    * Meeting notes.  The meeting organizer runs FreeMind on a shared monitor (i.e. large screen display or shared desktop), updating as the meeting happens. 

    Adopt social rules: if it's not in the meeting notes, it didn't happen.  No more "he said, she said."   Commit to a shared repository (commit while everyone's there, no changing history!), and make sure everyone knows where that lives. 

    View the agenda, notes made, action items and who is to deal with them, HTML links, images, and generally anything that might come up in a meeting. 

    * UML Design.  Generally your UML design process involves going from (hand-wavy text) to (keywords) to (nouns, verbs and adjectives) to (class design).  FreeMind can be with you throughout the entire process, all in the same file if you feel.  Design by yourself or in a group. 

    With some clever regex / perl / python mastery, you can even export to actual source files… although your results may vary, and this is unfortunately a one-way process.   

    * Design of just about anything.  Game design, schedules, decision-making (pro and con lists).  This is the go-to tool for just about anything creative.