from 0.6.1 -> 0.7.1 Woooooaaaarp!

  • Thanks a lot. I've been using freemind for a long time now and I've always been slow with the updates. But this switch from 0.6.1 to 0.7.1 was definitely worth it. I *love* the graphical links! I *love* the icons! Don't you change them in a while! They're excellent! I *love* being able to add pics as I like. freemind has -ever since I started using it- helped me to keep heading in the right direction and sort things out. So let me say "thank you very much" to all who participate and donate their time to this fine project.

    Thanks a lot!
    Bye, andbar.

    • And - did I mention that I *love* that it is no longer possible to unintentionally change the node focus while the context-menu is open?
      I *love* this - it tells me how much attention is payed to the smallest things. These small things often make the difference.

      Thanks to the one who did that trick!
      Thank you for your eagle eye on this!

      Bye, andbar.

      • Then let me be specific. Petr Novak of Brno did that trick for you. Dan

    • Thank you for that information, Dan.
      Knowing who did that special part of the software puts me into some kind of philosophical dilemma.
      On the one hand I'd like to express my appreciation somehow - on the other hand there are so many contributing in certain ways one does not see that I don't know how to do it the right way...
      Anyway - the forum that has been installed here (thank you for the music forum) is a good "workaround" with which I *can* express my appreciation - so thank you for this too.

      Hmmmm... otherwise...  do you think he would like some nice bottle of wine or so?

      :-) Just an idea...

      Bye, andbar