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Amazing Tool!!!!

  • Koos

    I just want to thank the developers of Freemind for a tool that is absolutely amazing. Not only did the program help me formulate my thoughts, but it also fast-tracked my Research Report that I needed to do to finish my master's degree. I tried to find a place where I could make some suggestions about Freemind but I could not find any so I will make them here:

    It would be nice if one can add a comment node to a node. This node can be used, when you paste the mind map to MSWord, to be appended at the end of the document.

    It would be wonderful if one can insert pictures in between text in a node and label them.

    It would be great if one could activate auto numbering and sub numbering on nodes.

    It would also be excellent it one could mark the nodes with heading levels so that when you paste it in MSWord it would be possible to generate a table of contents.

    It would be extraordinary if one could paste the nodes with the above mentioned features in a word document.