GTD with the new attributes in Freemind

  • Kristof

    I love the new attributes and filters features of the 0.9.x Beta release. This week I figured out how you can use them to implement David Allen's "getting things done" methodology in a mindmap.

    If you are into productivity hacks and you are using mindmaps you should try it too. For a description and a template for implementing GTD in Freemind, check out the blogpost I made about it at

    • Tal Yaron
      Tal Yaron

      I also like Freemind. I enjoy the customized icons. Also, I use it for GTD.

      I would like to ask the team, to add more advance filtering options. I am tring to hide Icons with "complete", and "ongoing-project".
      It will be great if we can do it on freemind.

      Thanks guys