Thank you for releasing a great GPL software!

Puma - IT
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    Puma - IT

    Thank you for releasing another great software under the GPL!!

    I start to use mind mapping software when I was trained in IT project management, more than 5 years ago. I used MindManager, then NovaMind for Mac. Now that I am all turning into Free/Libre softwares, FreeMind is perfect, because it will run on GNU/Linux as well.
    I do not have time enough to learn all the features, but it will come.
    Once, I had it on my laptop on a meeting with a client about extending his website: he loved it too!!

    I will give a try ti vym, too. I found that you are very fair in writing a lot in your wiki, for example about "alternatives to FreeMind". Cooperation is a good alternative to competition, isn't it?

    We can live better, and earn much more than money with sharing! And I will check later if you accept donation. (hey guys, why don't you accept donation, though?)

    Keep on the good work!