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  • NoSi


    I strongly missing an option to preset the standard font and styles. SimplyHTML is - as far as I can see - not configurable at all. The node styles ignore most options (ie icon, background_color,...). The icons should be in a higher resolution, they are strongly "blocky" simply zooming (printing not mentioned).

    It is quite bothering, trying hints from FaQ that do not work (ie. "patterns.xml").


    • Bernard Lang
      Bernard Lang

      Hi NoSi,

      >>I strongly missing an option to preset the standard font and styles.

      Assuming you're on 0.9.0, have you tried Tools>>Preferences>>Defaults>>Default Fonts, (does what it says on the tin).

      Alternatively try Format>>Physical Style>>Manage Patterns to edit/create "styles". You should also be able to set the Node bgcolor & Icon this way. There are other tricks you can play putting html tags in the "Node Text" of a pattern, but that's another story

      Note: For both of these you would need to set Format>>Automatic Layout to off to see the results.

      The most satisfying solution is to redefine/add to the Automatic Layout styles by editing (Windows path):

      C:\Documents and Settings\User_Name\.freemind\

      The relevant section begins "automaticFormat_level", but if your newish to Freemind I would try the other options first, just to get used to how it all its together.

      Hope that makes sense...


    • Bernard Lang
      Bernard Lang

      P.S. Nosi,

      Re Automatic Layout, if you're happy with the default 5(?) levels of formatting you can just do: Tools>>Preferences>Automatic layout pattern, then click on the pattern you want to edit (editing options similar to Physical Styles). You need to turn Automatic Layout On to see the results.

      P.P.S. Some of the above may, (possibly), require you to restart Freemind to see the results

    • Anton Aylward
      Anton Aylward

      The proper solution to this is the same one used by MindJet in MindManager but adapted to work in a FreeMind manner!

      When you bring up Long Edit with SimplyHTML you see
          <style type="text/css">
              p { margin-top: 0 }
              body { color: #000000; font-size: 12pt; font-family: SansSerif }

      I gather this comes from the Tools>>Preferences>>Defaults>>Default Fonts.
      However if this were to refer to a stylesheet ...

      Realistically the styles should come in families that give an overall look and feel to the map.
      This would allow or background colours and watermark images, spacings, fonts at each node level (probably corresponding to heading levels), note text and the formatting of things like text and bullets in notes.

      All using familiar CSS!

      Changing the master CSS will change the overall look and feel.

      Of course since CSS can locally 'over-ride' the local nodes can also have specific CSS.

  • P Fudd
    P Fudd

    I realize this node is ~ 3 years old, but I just started using freemind 0.9.0 RC 14 today, having used 0.8 prior to this.

    I'm noticing that the rich text editor starts off showing the CSS code, but then the CSS disappears, although the changes I made are still there (tried changing font color and size as a test).  I've made the CSS show up again, but I'm not sure how I did it.

    Still investigating.

  • P Fudd
    P Fudd

    If I delete a note (why is it in 'tools', and not 'edit'?), and recreate it, the css section shows up, but then when the map is automatically saved, the css section disappears, leaving
         -2 blank lines here-
        test text

  • P Fudd
    P Fudd

    Aha..  if I add text in 'layout view' to a note, then the css section shows up again, just until the next auto-save, or I click outside the node.  The css is applied to new notes on other nodes, despite being invisible.

    This is on Fedora 13, freemind-0.9.0-0.8.rc14.fc13.noarch.rpm from the Fedora repository.