The Long Node dialog box

  • I am a big fan of Freemind. The only thing that bugs me is the inability to default the checkbox in the long node dialog so that pressing Enter never confirms the edit.

    Could this be put into the preferences dialog? It is an irritation.

    Cheers ... Jon

    • Hi,

      there is a user preference for that already:
      el__enter_confirms_by_default = true
      (See FAQ for "how can i edit the prefs").


      • May be a very silly question but I did not find this section in the FAQ "how can i edit the prefs"

        I used

        Is there another FAQ for freemind.


    • Thanks for the response it works fine.

      Michael - Check under section 3.1 of the FAQ on expert settings.  You need to make sure that you remove the # sign from the line that you modify to make it work.