Combined mindmap- & structuremap-Design

  • divergenz

    Examples of advancing Freemind for academic and thus also for business interrests concerning people who have to work in fields with high complexity:

    Sometimes, specially as a student or teacher or … in a complex theorie-field (for example maths, physics, chemistry, …), u need more than one main-node if u want to catch all elements and correlations in a rigth and preferably short way.
    Specially if some elements of the net u have to create have more than one origin.

    So it would be a great advantage if more than one main-node could be established and also combined with an already existing mindmap - especially in the way that already existing child-nodes of the already existing mindmap can be combined and related as child-node-structures of a 2nd, 3rd, … main-node.

    To be able to keep always an overview about the belongings of each map-paths it would also be an advantage, if the user could ((colour) and (fatten or thin down)) single paths at his own interrests.

    Also a ability of making a box (or boxes, with also adaptable colours, thickness, and line-shapes) around some elements would be helpful to get better overview-designs.
    (Combineable standard-elliptic- and standard-rectange-box-designs would be perfect enough.
    If the boxes can be attached background-like, that would be great.
    The boxes would make the best effects, if they open, close and move with the child-nodes which they surround.)

    If any box can be filled with a (specially for the nodes and pathes:) transparent colour would be also great.
    The "graphical links" would be advanced if they would also have an transparent- or curving-style concerning intersections with nodes.
    To advance the act of additional labeling for nodes, boxes, paths and "graphical links" it would be helpful to create a mod as follows:
      > create a fix-point at the center of the object (as an option, if people want to label that object)
      > the label should start below XOR above the object
      > around the fix-point u could rotate and pull the label to its wanted position
      > the label should not get any apparent contact with the object it should lable
            > … but to add the possibility of making an apparent "connection" in a "speech-bubble"-way
                    would perhaps help in some special situations
      > the label should by default not be boxed (but a possibility of boxing it, could be interesting in special situations)
      > Additional: the label-text could also be rotated after editing it. (But that would just be a bonus-possibility.)

    Greetings and best wishes,
    a mathematician and physicist (Germany, EU)

  • LogicDaemon

    First, about several roots.
    I really don't think this is required to be available in FreeMind. There are plenty of software able to make this, but what I love FreeMind for is neatness of workfow: Mostly keybord – only operation available and it's intuitive and effortless. It has fast and accurate organizing, even fast (shortcut) icon adding and text formatting (though rarely used).

    When I need something weird, I take XMind (which can import FreeMind) or yEd. They are fine and have it all but it is frailly convenient for chaste mindmapping.

  • LogicDaemon

    second, about "boxes": use clouds for this purpose!

    and third, about other: this all can really be useful, but not always and not for everyone. If you do strongly sure these features must be in FreeMind, just fill in feature requests and wait (or make a patch) ;)