seeing map in IE

  • John Wentworth
    John Wentworth

    I received the following message from a tech person I asked to put my FreeMind map up on our website:

    You've embedded the mindmap into a web page perfectly fine... just the way it was instructed. I can see the map in Firefox on both PC and Mac. The problem for me begins in Internet Explorer 7 on a PC (I don't have a lower browser version and I have the latest Java) and Safari on Mac. Are you sure this old application (the browser-based version was created 5 years ago) CAN even work with latest browsers?
    I've made real quick research and it seems there are similar application that are Flash based instead of Java-based... Maybe they're a little more user/browser friendly and stable?

    Also FYI, the HIRE Mindmap (
    has "Mode changed to Browse Mode" message and looks like a list of notes. The Sample Freemind map
    ( looks a tree of links...

    so is it so that Internet Explorer modern versions don't work??????????