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Multiple problems :(

  • IanGr

    FreeMind 0.9.0 RC4
        •    Problems with FreeMind 0.9.0 RC4
        ◦    In Properties, Keystrokes
        ▪    after "Fold one level" is "Unfold on level"!
        ▪    Presumably this is supposed to be "Unfold one level"?
        ◦    meta RIGHT and meta LEFT in 0.8.0 switched between mindmaps (at least in mine), now it moves a node left or right and now you need to use "alt shift LEFT" or "alt shift RIGHT" to switch mindmaps.
        ▪    remember!
        ◦    In 0.8.0 I always used BACK-SPACE to begin editing a node. Now it opens up Edit Long Node, with all text erased and I have to hit escape and then use F2!
        ▪    According to the Properties, Keystrokes, BACK-SPACE and DELETE only deal with icons. Not happening. 
I removed the above from their icon removing duties and told Edit node to use BACK-SPACE, and restarted the program, but it still removes all of the text!!
        ▪    That's it! I must go back to 0.8.0. This 0.9.0 RC4 is NOT ready, by a long shot!
        ◦    According to the Properties, Keystrokes,
        ▪    various keys could be typed to insert icons, but instead it deletes all of the text and just types that character!
        ▪    Disabling "Key Type" is good, but it still doesn't enable these keystrokes for icon input!
        ▪    clicking on an end node opens it for editing, but clicking on a parent node only unfolds or folds the child nodes!
        ◦    As previously, one of the first changes that needs to be made, is to turn off selection by "Direct" to "Delayed" or "by Click"! 
On opening FreeMind the map itself is not selected, until you click into it!
        ▪    This is one thing that may make someone immediately revert to the old version!
        ◦    "Enter confirms by default" may be a handy new default. 
The ONLY new feature I <em>really</em> wanted was the ability to have rich formatting within a node, such as bold or italic one word, rather than the entire node.
        ▪    Even <em>that</em> doesn't seem to be working! I resorted to typing the HTML tags myself in these nodes, to no avail! 
The "SimplyHTML" window cannot be selected while the Long Edit Node window is open, and it doesn't do anything in Normal edit mode either! 
Aargh! I just found: alt R (to change to rich text), but this wasn't even listed in the Properties, Keystrokes window! Also, the "Key Documentation PDF" in the Help menu didn't open up such a PDF.
        ▪    As the SimpleHTML toolbars appear inside the Node editing window I see little point in it taking up the bottom of the application window as well! 
So now I need to go through all the menus and find all of the keyboard shortcuts (key bindings) and take note of them?
        ▪    Also, pasting HTML in, still removes all formatting! And in Edit Long Node, meta Z no longer does undo, we're back to using ctrl Z, just within this thing. Ahhh! Now enter doesn't OK, I have to use the mouse!