Need more functions

  • Dear Friends,

    I hope the freemind have more functions:
    1. The Layout view of Note, need the Tab to Fix the character location?
    2. Main working area need the function of draw arrow line?
    3. Main working area need the function Floating Node?
    4. The note of Mindmanager pro 7, It has add Table, like excel cell function?
    5. The Layout view of Note, default font is Serif, can I use the other?
    6. pls add the export xml file, the encode utf-8, we hope to view by the other editor.

    Very Thanks!

    • LogicDaemon

      Why use question characters at the end of lines?
      1. To "fix" the character location I am currently using <table> w/o any styles or border (by default border=0)
      2. Select 2 nodes and Ctrl+L - is that what you want?
      3. what is floating node?
      4. maybe it will be useful for somebody.
      5. i belive Note area is still "very beta"
      6. mm format is utf-8 xml AFAIK

    • Hi LogicDaemon,

      Pls reference the page.

      Because Freedmind is the best tool to show the programming structure and flowchart.