No UNDO and REDO --> why?

  • This is one of the "most important" standard features (Ctrl+Z) / (Ctrl+Y) built-in in any Windows-App available.
    The fact that FreeMind doesn't contain this absolutely simple function, makes it unusable for me and my company. Thus we have to use Mindjet MindManager, which is painfully expensive.

    I have no doubt that it would boost FreeMind's quality beyond all levels if the developer-team would consider more ideas from the aforementioned commercial solution.

    Anyway, the concept of a free mindmapping tool is great and I wish you all success and the necessary patience.

    • Dear Sir,

      have you *ever* thought about the possibility to *support* open source instead of only taking advantage from it?????? You can think about investing the money in open source, too!


    • Undo is an obvious idea; unfortunately, it is one of the more difficult to implement. It's not that ideas don't get implemented because we are so stupid that we don't know about them; it's just that it costs resources to implement good ideas.

    • Yes, I also find the lack of undo, redo a major ommission, and I appreciate the coding difficulties this might cause. Apart from the Cut command there's no obvious Delete command as well.


    • Chris-
         I was also turned off by the lack of undo/redo. I'd roll up my sleeves and try to help but dont know java, just c++ and python. i'm a poor college student, but what would be a decent donation to get this feature implemented. can i give a donation for one specific coding purpose?

    • jdem

      An old french proverb:

      "When the horse is given, don't examine too much its teeth."

      Then be patient so eager peoples !

      Many thanks to the development team.

    • QUOTE:
           "I'd roll up my sleeves and try to help but dont know java, just c++ and python."

      Just pointing out that migrating from C++ to Java is so easy it barely requires thinking.  Java was written with that idea in mind.  Also, it combines well with python to make nifty multi-platform apps.

      The amount of work you wish to put into something is, of course, entirely up to you.  I can't imagine anyone being annoyed because you didn't feel  like learning a new language AND adding features to freemind.  So just take this as a suggestion to take a look at Java and see if you think it would be worth your effort to add it to your programming arsenal.

      Here is a decent free text on it....