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Large maps cut off

Iggy River
  • Iggy River
    Iggy River


    First of all, this is not intended to be an "angry and unpolite" comment.  I really appreciate this software, and have been using it, on and off, for several years. 

    That said, despite improvements, this software still does not seem quite ready for the "big time".

    Currently, I am experiencing a very disappointing situation.  To wit, there seems to be a limit to how large a mind map will display in freemind.  This limit does not seem very large, so maybe this issues has been addressed before.

    When displayed at 100% the bottom nodes in my map are not displayed.

    I can currently work around this, as the project I am working on is for printing, more than electronic display/modification.  I work around by displaying the mind map at 25%, exporting to .pdf, and scaling the .pdf up for printing.  I sincerely dread the day that this map grows to the point where even at 25% view, the entire map will not be displayed.  I will have to stop using freemind for this project at that point in time.

    Very sad.  Please advise if there are known workarounds or if there is a solution expected in a subsequent release.

    Sincerely, and with much gratitude,


  • Hello Iggy, you should better post this issue into the bug tracker:


    The core of your complaint seems to be this: "When displayed at 100% the bottom nodes in my map are not displayed." The bug tracker item that you are going to create should state the version of FreeMind that you are using (0.8.1, 0.9.0 RC8, or another), and should ideally have a mind map attached that shows the problem that you are having. -Dan