keyboard shortcuts for next map/previous map

  • Hi,

    With version 0.9.0 RC3 on Windows XP I'm having the following problem:

    Assigning the keys for next/previous map to "control PAGE_DOWN" / "control PAGE_UP" (as in many other Windows applications) is possible but it's not working afterwards. Instead of the assigned function these keys

    In addition to that I've found two errors in the German translation:

    - under preferences/keys: the key for "previous map" is shown as "Letzte Map" which would be "last map". The right translation would be "Vorherige Map".

    - in the documentation the description of both keys is wrong: "Vorherige Map: Strg-Links" and "Nächste Map: Strg-Rechts" (i.e. control-right / control-left) are used for node movement in version 0.9. The right description would be "Vorherige Map: Alt-Umschalt-Links" and "Nächste Map: Alt-Umschalt-Rechts"