Is there a compiled MAC version with Quaqua?

  • I use FreeMind (last version) now on a MAC OSX (Tiger) computer. It work's fine, but the look and feel is a problem.

    Now i found in the FAQ the idea to integrate Quaqua. But I am not a developer.

    And therefore my question: is a version with the integration of the Quaqua libraries for download available?

  • Vincent Boudry
    Vincent Boudry


    Two years after and still no response…
    This is one of the long standing improvement on Mac: Get a native filechooser.
    Can a Quaqua MacOSX compiled version be provided (it should be the default…) ?

    Thank you!

    Best regards,
    V. Boudry


  • Anonymous

    This is definitly an issue. The file dialogue of Freemind is truely a pain in the …