Freemind installation on XP (useful Hint)

  • In "can't install" message I already apoint that the freemind doesn't recognize java 1.4.x

    The problem was next:
    In the Environment variables/System variables the path variable was apoint to wrong version of java (for example if you install Oracle the instalation puts automatically path to Oracle java version, in my case 1.3.1).
    So if your freemind doesn't recognize java simply add the path to proper java version(to bin of course), for example:
    C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_03\bin
    And the freemind should work.

    Don't bother with Control panel/java it has no effect.

    Hope it helps someone.

    • Thanks for that - I was getting a little frustrated but then found your post quite by chance !! :)

      One detail - need to add the path before the reference to the Oracle one (1.3.x also in my case)

    • I think I'm dealing with this same problem in another thread:

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         java.util.logging.Logger nobody 5 2004-11-27 07:08

      How do I add the path to proper java version, as in your example above?

    • This appears to work.  I opened the directory c:/archivos de programa/freemind/lib (mine's in Spanish, because I'm in a Spanish speaking country.  Yours should be c:/program files/Freemind/lib), and double clicked on the file entitled freemind.exe .   The program works.  You can copy it onto your desktop from there.  You'll see an unattractive icon, rather than the normal butterfly, but it works, so I can do without the butterfly.  I have my Freemind back.  If you really want the pretty butterfly, I imagine that you can use the non-funcional icon that your installation program placed on your desktop, changing the route in the properties menu.  I didn't bother to try it, but I can't see why it wouldn't work.  Thanks Chris (in other thread)