Inserting Graphics

  • R G
    R G

    First, FreeMind is a great program and it is free.  I'm using it everyday now. 

    I tested the inserting graphics capability and it comes with frustration.  Although I can add text and modify it and the picture, it is very inefficient for the user.  Here is what is needed:

    * Manually Resize graphic box.
    * Easily add text, modify format, and change position
    * Free Floating Graphics and/or text
    * User Defined graphic directory - so I can easily view graphics from FreeMind and more easily copy graphics along with the FreeMind file.

    • Wade

      I searched for this issue before I opened another bug. To be able to Manually Resize graphic box is huge for me. Also if you edit width and height in the html and then move the node it looses the width and height.