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Map view

  • Guido Ostkamp
    Guido Ostkamp


    • I am missing an icon in the menu bar top right, in order to maximize the screen.
    • After entering details for some POIs within the map and then zooming out, I found that the texts are truncated, the last character is missing already for just 4 letter words. It seems that generally the horizontal space calculated for the text overlay is to small.

    Would be great if this could be fixed / enhanced.

    Best regards


    Last edit: Guido Ostkamp 2013-12-01
  • Hi,

    yes, the icon is missing due to programming restrictions of Java. I'll see, what to do.
    The truncation is done on purpose. Otherwise, you would have texts as huge as complete countries. The alternative would be to use smaller fonts. Do you prefer that?

    Br, Chris