Documentation is horrific

  • Soundfx4

    I am beyond angry right now because I constantly come across instructional guides or documentation that has MASSIVE FUCKING GAPS in steps that are unexplained!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't get 5 minutes into the documentation before I was asking, "What the fuck!?" I'll detail exactly what I ran into so you guys will know what I'm referring too.

    Starting at 3.1, creating and deleting nodes. Everything is piecing together perfectly from step 1 to step 6...and then comes step 7 where everything very quickly starts to go downhill.

    step 7. "Create 4 more child nodes to the root node. Label the
    newly created child nodes as “Type of article”,” Due
    date”, “Audience”, and “Sources”."

    This isn't too bad except that it doesn't mention that there either is, or isn't a way to do this quickly (I had to keep clicking back on the root and was unsure if there was a faster way) and it also doesn't mention anything about where these child nodes will be created and why, or if they are just positioned at random.

    Then step 8 is a fucking straight 1,000 foot drop.

    Step 8. "Enter the following sub-categories of information for
    every child node of the root node:"

    What the FUCK is a sub-category? That's not any terminology that has been used so far, and it certainly wasn't explained what it meant, nor is there an option to create a "sub-category". Now obviously, I know what a sub-category is (I hope most of us do) but it is not clear in what context this particular term is used for this particular program.

    Then comes step 9."Compare your mind map with the map given below:" ...really? real-fucking-y!? Here's how this situation is working out; I'm told to compare my mind map with the one given below, and mine obviously looks NOTHING like the supplied example, even though I followed the steps as carefully as possible. And there is NO explanation given as to why one's map might look different, or what exactly is going on in the map. So I'm left to wonder why the fuck my map looks so different. My edges are not organized or lined up in the same way, some of my child nodes ended up on different sides and I have no idea how to move them to the other side and switch what side of the child node the edge branches off from. There is no explanation given for pretty much anything. I'm left completely in the dark trying to figure things out on my own.

    And here's the real kicker; all I was really fucking looking for was a simple explanation of all the options in the program. For example; what EXACTLY is a child node, what defines it and how does it work exactly? And when you click to insert a child node; what determines how and where it goes, etc. That's it! And I can't find that anywhere. It's almost mind blowing how what seems to be the most obviously needed pieces of information are completely absent!

    Anyway, there's my feedback for you. And yes, I am quite pissed actually, but I did label the link, "Did FreeMind make you angry?" and then went on even farther to label the complaints from users as "angry and unpolite". So I hope this doesn't get held against me. And it is a critical problem...although it's with the documentation...although that's a pretty serious problem if you're new and trying to learn how to use a program.

    Anyway, thanks for reading and for letting me vent and even though it's confusing as fuck atm, this is a great looking piece of software that I am going to get a LOT of use out of once I figure out how to use it haha. So thanks for all the trouble putting it together!

  • LogicDaemon

    Hi. I'm elder FreeMain (now FreePlane) user. But I've never read the document. Didn't even see it. It was all so intuitive for me that I didn't even try to find any documentation.

    But basing on your quotes, you're right, the doc is crappy. I'm happy I haven't read it :)

    If you'll have any specific how-to questions (not related to documentation), you may ask.
    And I guess you should get to know what Mind Map is, and what is it for. Some of your questions (about child nodes, sub-categories, etc.) will be gone after you'll know that.

    P.S. Sorry for broken English, if any. I'm Russian.