Close On Click

  • One feature I wish was available is to have a link to another mindmap cause the mindmap the link appears on to close when the link is select, while still opening the link of course.

    This, I believe, would go along with some other comments I have seen on here about having a way to set properties on a node, such as being hidden based upon some criteria.

    One question. Is there a way to assign the mindmap that is always opened by default instead of the last open mindmap?

    Again, thanks for the wonderful application. The developers should not be discouraged by all the feature requests. Freemind has become my method of choice for keeping daily notes and I would continue to use it as is. All of the feature requests are simply indications of the vast potential in software such as this.

    In requesting a feature, I would also like to indicate my full support for keeping freemind quick, efficient, and intuitive. It is the reason I previously used text files for notes instead of a word processor. I will take performance over bells and whistles.

    Thanks Again,
    Steve Vest

    • Answering my own question. To get a specific page to always come up at startup, specify the page on the command line.