Can't access server folders

  • SnakeheartBR

    When I use the "import folder structure" feature in FreeMind, it works correctly and I can access all folders represented by nodes in my mind map… But when I import a folder structure that is contained in my server (which normally asks for login and password data when you try to have access to it), FreeMind can't access the folder or anything within it.

    What should I do in order to gain access? I can't turn off authentication procedures because of obvious factors, but I want to be able to access folders in my server through the mind map.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who replies.

  • Chen Zhiyuan
    Chen Zhiyuan

    I have the same problem.

    - under windows vista system , with domain controlled windows network

    for folders in local PC, Freemind works fine. for example  "C:\xxx". but for "\\Server\folder1\subfolder", it does nothing when the link of the node is like this. but we can still import the folder structure, the link format looks like "file:////Server/folder1/subfolder", and click on the node, will not launch the file or open the shared folder on the server.

    I have an workaround, map network drive, mapping the shared folder to local drive, X: for example. then it works.

    but is it possible to make it easier? 

  • LogicDaemon

    Appears that this bug comes out only in domain AND/OR NT6+ configurations.
    For me (Windows XP w/o domain, FM 0.9.0 RC 14) both path types work (\\Srv\test\dir, file:////Srv/est/dir), but second works only if there are no spaces in it.
    International (russian) characters work well.

  • Eric

    I have what I suspect is a related issue where a user clicks on File-Open goes to the Share drive but then cannot access any folders within it, using W7 when the shared drive is mapped via group policy to a UNC alias.  Manually mapped drives are accessible and the shared drive can be accessed via a desktop shortcut, but this is a kludge. Is this fixed in v1?