Export to html - make links work first time

  • Hello,
    Used the tool for a couple of weeks and like it.
    Loved the idea of exporting to various formats, but was very dissapointed when I tried all the various options for exporting to html.
    What I would like:
    to export my map graphically and make the links work when I click on the nodes - just like in freemind!
    What I get:
    I get a clickable map, that transfers me to a treestructure where I can click on the nodes and make the link work.

    I understand that with complex maps, this might be necessary, but why not give the user the choice - simple maps makes excellent privat homepages for organising all your links, if....

  • RichInTheUSA

    I'm with you.   I have the same problem.    Are you on a mac?   I have not yet tried this on windows, but was bummed to find out this functionality doesn't work.