• o  On exporting to html, if image files need to be saved, save them in a fixed directory name instead of one copy per export.
    o  I liked the notes option that appeared in the second beta version. I would like to see it again, and possibly have the notes shown when exporting to html. Mindmaps are not intended to contain paragraphs of information, but rather short key words. Discriptive text would be useful in the exports.
    o  In the export that shows bubbles, I would prefer it didn't unless there was a color assigned.
    o  The use of the bubble color in the export is not quite what I want. I do not like the appearance of the bubbles, but do like the ablility to color areas in the export. Yes, I know, I can have my cake and ... Possibly optionally using text color as the color of the bubbles in the export would help, or even node background colors.

    Thanks again for the wonderful application. Just a few suggestions off the top of my head.

    Steve Vest