changing default browser

  • I found the answered question about changing the default browser.  The example given is:
    default_browser_command_windows_nt = C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe "{0}"

    I'm not clear about the syntax - what does the "{0}" signify?  I have inserted
    default_browser_command_other_os = /home/robert/firefox/firefox

    Which starts firefox, but only with the home page displayed.  I can't get it to show the html file requested by the node.

    Any advice welcome,

    Robert (r.d.saunders*at*

    • "{0}" is the URL to show, add it at the end of your line, it should solve your problem.

    • If I already have a browser window open, can I force subsequent html files or URLs to load into a new tab rather than a new browser window?


      • See and openURL(..., new-tab) for Unix mozilla/firefox.
        I don't know the corresponding command for Windows...


    • I found this thread after posting a similar problem. Have a look at