Soon to change to Linux SuSe 9.2

  • I have created a new map .mm for business purposes, and have spent considerable time and effort.  When I get SuSe up and running, will I easily be able to transport my map to it?   Procedure?

    PS  Love it

    • Eric L.
      Eric L.


      I'm not sure I correctly understand your specific problem, but I see two different questions to be considered:

      1. the map itself (i.e. the needs of course to be copied from the old installation to the new one. Don't know what your old system is, but procedure should be the same as for all your other documents.

      2. install FreeMind. The packages haven't been yet tested under SuSE 9.2 (AFAIK), but I don't expect much problems. The FreeMind on Linux Wiki page should bring you further there.  Write back here to tell me if it worked, or if you had problems.

      Hope this helps, Eric