Freemind is glitching out on me

  • Wes

    So I downloaded freemind maybe a week or so ago. worked fine.
    I was without my computer or the whole week last week and when I booted up free mind to get some stuff done it all looked normal.
    until I added text to a new node.

    after I added text to a new node, the whole mind map became distorted and nearly unreadable.

    this happens only when I edit a node or add text to a new one. to make it stop I have to close the program all together and re-open it.
    though it becomes distorted again as soon as I add text to a node/new node

    this is EXTREMELY annoying and I need to know how to fix this.

    if I un-install and re-install will I lose the mind maps I've made so far?

  • Fred Dearman
    Fred Dearman

    A re-install does not clobber your old mm files.  Hopefully your problem will be fixed.