Having non-horizontal lines for text.

  • Hi

    I'm curious to know if it will eventually be possible to
    set a graph style that would present the information with angled lines instead of only horizontal lines.

    In Buzan's book they have an example of a Mind Map tool that display the information with angles instead of only horizontal lines and it looks really good. Of course this could be set to true or false on a per sub-branch basis to keep things interesting programming wise.

    Is there any work being done on this?

    What is the graphing back-end used by FreeMind. I know there are some graph libraries to automate placement of nodes in a network, I'm not sure if FreeMind is leveraging them.

    Anyway, great tool!

    • Sorry, I didn't know feature requests were not part
      of this forum. I've posted the same post in the 'complaints' forum.

      Although it might be best to post it in the 'open' forum. Someone knows?