More then one "home maps"


  • Anonymous


      I have searched the forum and I found some similar threads but none which would solve my problem. I am using Freemind in version 0.9.0. on ubuntu. I am managing my staff using mind maps and I have more of them. I acctively use nearly all of them. The trouble is that everytime after Freemind starts there is just one last map opened. Usualy it is not the one I want to edit in that time thus  I need to open those files again and again using quite unfriendly java opan dialog. This is quite awkward. In settings I have found just "automaticaly open last map" option.

      Please do not tell me that this is the way all users use Freemind. I believe there is some normal way hove to solve that….


  • Hi,

    no problem ,

    just switch to the latest 1.0.0 Alpha version. The feature you need is already included and stable (IMHO).

    HTH, Chris