Creating Online Mind Map with Links to docs


  • Anonymous

    I am working on a project and want to link to pdfs, images and rtf documents. I would like to have the whole thing online in a folder using html export and have the links work. Freemind seems to only want me to keep documents in my user folder at the top level, not in a folder. Can someone advise me how to organize this?

  • AnGus King
    AnGus King

    Not sure what the problem is. This little snip below might help. The first two child nodes are files in folders, the third is on a website. You can navigate using Windoze File Open by using Ctrl-Shift-K or edit the text of the link directly via Ctrl-K. Hope this explains/helps.

    Kind regards


    <map version="0.9.0">
    <node TEXT="Mindmap">
    <node LINK="document.txt" TEXT="Document in same directory as MindMap"/>
    <node LINK="../../OtherDirectory/document2.txt" TEXT="Document in another directory"/>
    <node LINK="http://website/document3.txt" TEXT="Document on a website"/>