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Missing features from version 0.71 to 0.80?

  • Sai

    Dear Freemind developers:

    I was using Freemind version 0.71 for quite a while. Recently, I downloaded Freemind 0.80, and found
    the following  feature is missing, i.e., i cannot find the corresponding menu items in the place
    of version 0.71 Could you please kindly take a look, to confirm whether this feature is removed,
    or replaced by others.

    in version 0.71, there is a menu item "Edit -> Preference ->  HTML Export - Fold All"
    However, this menu item  disappears in 0.8.  (p.s. i try to click "Tools -> Preferences" in version 0.8)
    but nothing happens? does it need some extra configuration?

    Any comments and suggestion are highly appreciated. Thanks very much.



  • Hi Sai,

    please try version 0.9, where it appears in the preferences. Say, do the preferences open at all?

    HTH, Chris