description of patterns.xml

  • Is there available guide to this file? If not, could you make at least a list of valid tags please? Since I haven't found anything like this nor DTD (there is not even a xml head?!), I have to experiment, but that't won't tell what possible is and what isn't.

    The thing I need most is changing font type in physical style - since you equipped FM with so many IMHO useless fonts, it's pain in the arse to change fonts using the droplist, if you want to keep homogenous formatting with the use of them.
    Is such feature available at all? If not, I would like this post to mean a feature request;)

    Thanks for a great tool (yet some things could be better)!

    And last idea: Less is more. Please try to keep the whole app and it's footprint & feature list as small as possible (well, features are difficult to decide about - as for me, better feel of the ui is more important than bunch of export/import/rich content stuff). There are many tools out there, doing dozens of things but none of them well, while in simplicity is beauty.