Problems opening FreeMind Mac OS 10.5

  • Michael Dowell
    Michael Dowell

    I have searched the help forums and the previous solution was to move all of the ancillary files to the applications folder. However, apparently FreeMind has been recently updated so there are no ancillary folders included with the download. The only file included in the download is the application. I have moved it to my applications folder, but it looks likes it's going to open, meaning the icon increases in size and fades out, but then the application does not launch and it provides no error message.

    Any useful help will be greatly appreciated!


  • Hi,

    can you please provide the log message in  ~/.freemind/log.0 if any?
    TIA, Chris

  • I have the same problem.

    What I've done so far was "unbundle" the app (ctrl click on the icon). That way I was able to get to the resources files. I then proceeded to click on freemind.jar (you find it in > Content > Resources > Java > lib > freemind.jar

    a "temporary solution" indicated in

    It sure ain't pretty, and I didn't try extensively, but I was able to open and modify mindmaps, and it seemed to function just like the one I had just installed in a Netbook, so I *asume* it will work passably.

    What I've decided to do is to open copies of my older mindmaps, and to keep the originals in the previous version, until they fix this.