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Suddenly I Can't Launch Freemind

  • Mats Ahlgren
    Mats Ahlgren

    I've been using Freemind fine for about a month now to take my notes. OS = Windows XP.

    In the last 1-2 days, Freemind has stopped working. When I try to launch any .mm file or Freemind itself, nothing happens whatsoever. No tasks show up even.

    I haven't really made any major changes besides installing . Nevertheless I have uninstalled Java, Freemind, and Timecalendar. Then, I reinstalled Java and Freemind. The same problem still remains.

    Whenever I tried to launch Freemind, I tried doing it after removing my Freemind config folder in Documents&Settings, and after putting it back, just incase preferences were corrupt. Nothing happens. A new Freemind folder is not even generated.

    I haven't delved into the registry but wouldn't know where to begin...