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Damaged download of Freemind 0.9 for Mac

  • Metsis


    I have now downloaded Freemind 0.9 for Mac with three different computers at different locations, different internet connections. Everytime I try to install, my Mac (10.4.11 PPC with Java 1.5) says that the disk image is either incomplete or damaged. Can someone verify this or is it just me?

    Help appreciated,


  • Hugo Nue
    Hugo Nue

    Hi, after upgrading to Mountain Lion I get the same message. I have no idea what to do.


  • Anonymous

    Yep me too. Am not able to run Freemind 0.9.0 on a fresh copy of Mountain Lion. Disk image ' damaged'.

    Found out the problem is rather security related (checksum or certificate could not be verified).
    For the time being, I get around that by allowing programs from all sources (in configuration settings for security and privacy).

  • Yes, the issue is trying to run it on Mountain Lion. WOuld the beta version work better (I doubt it, but I'll try). When might this be fixed?

  • Thanks respondent #3. That is a simple workaround.
    System preferences > Security & Privacy > Allow applications from anywhere.
    Open Freemind.
    Change the security & privacy back to its original setting.
    Freemind will always open once you've approved it the first time.

  • Mas

    Actually - you can go to the applications folder, "right click" (2 fingers) on the application and choose open. Then you are warned and prompted to press OK or cancel. That should do the trick without changing preferences.