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Create Mind Maps in Freemind Direct in Java

  • Hello Friends,
    I have a project in the company I work, where the mental maps have to be generated automatically, but will have to do this for the API (in Java) of FreeMind.
    I did some research, I could not find much more than how to create mental maps directly to the java.
    I beg you please help me, so if you can send me some practical example already running I would appreciate it.
    I apologize for some grammatical errors, because I am using a translator to write.

    Thank you,
    Daniel Rodrigues

  • Didier Pelluet
    Didier Pelluet

    Hello Daniel

    If that can help you, you will find an example of automaticaly generated Mindmap in MetaMindMap (using existing MainMaps, making search on Social Networks, using Webcam, screen hardcopy, …)