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Hyperlinks stopped working

  • Paul Ekeland
    Paul Ekeland

    Hi all,

    I upgraded to V0.9 build 19 and hyperlinks still don't work for me (starting with build 17). I am using a mind map to connect to my OneNote notes through hyperlinks. Here is an example of link that used to work before:


    I would hate to lose all my work, (and yet still be able to upgrade versions in Freemind). Would anyone have a solution?
    Many thanks,


    • Hello Paul,

      could you please ope a bug request and submit a log file containing exception stack trace (c:\Documents and Settings\<user>\.freemind\log.0)


    • Phil

      I'm using V 0.9.0 build 15 and have the same issue with the Onenote or Notes (Lotus Notes) links.

      It appears the the protocol is not recognized by Freemind.

      Complete message as follows:
      "The URL is malformed!
      java.net.MalformedURLException: unknown protocol: onenote

  • mkaspar

    hi  there - the same to me.

    Hi all, i run 0.9 rc7 on windows machine, if i add a hyperlink to a node and click this afterwards, then file does not opens. all that happens is a popping up a box with the corresponding message. The file could not be opened. BTW: i saved the map - this is recommended while adding a hyperlink… Any idea what happens here. look forward to hear from you