Easiest way updating nodes w. certain pattern

  • tormen


    I created a physical style / pattern and applied it to certain nodes.

    What is the easiest way to get them all updated with a changed/new Physical Style ??

    I think physical styles are a set of attributes. Once assigned there is no easy way for freemind to filter all nodes that got a certain physical style applied, right ?

    I figured so far:
        * "Apply" in the Physical Style Manager works on the current SELECTION of nodes.
           -> but how can I get all nodes that got a certain physical style applied selected ?

         * I guess a custom attribute would be the way to group all nodes with a certain physical style to than be able to easily filter them to then be able to select them all and reapply a  Physical Style ?!
           -> but what would then be the easiest way to add a custom attribute to all nodes that get a certain physical style applied ?
           -> Scripting ?

    Thanks a lot for any hint/answer!