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Object Linking and Embedding OLE

  • Hi Guys! (And Girls)
    Just a question from a newbie. Is there anything planed like Object Linking And Embedding? I wuould really like to use FreeMind for my works in logics and semantics. So I need extensive formulas and stuff.
    Is this possible or is it to heavy to implement?
    Sorry to bother you with a kind of naive question. And thank you for the great software! If I were a software developer, I would really like to contribute. (But if you give me OLE, I would gladly give you some of my works on logic and semantics done with FreeMInd).

    • Eric L.
      Eric L.


      OLE, if you mean the one from Microsoft, wouldn't be very cross-platform, would it?

      But it could be interesting to have the possibility to mix different kind of XML stuff with some plugin mechanism to edit and show them, hence it would be possible to have MathML, SVG... embedded into the MM format.
      Could be kind of cool, and complicated... Sounds like a challenge ;-)