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Editing maps from web

  • Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I did do some searches first. I take it from responses on thsi board that one can only view their maps from the browser applet launched from a web page. Am I wrong and is it possible? If not, are there plans to be able to launch an "editor" app from a web site?

    This software looks great, but I really only want to use it if I can access my maps from anywhere (so i can brainstorm at work, then add to it at home, at a WiFi cafe, etc.)

    • I posted this a while ago -- I'd love to have this ability as well. Even none of the commercial mind mappers have this possibility ...

    • Terry Doner
      Terry Doner

      I would like to see WebDav support.
      - Open  from an URL
      - Save back to the URL
      - SaveAs URL
      - And link within MM to another MM via http

      I think this would provide a means of doing what you want and enable other cool possibilities.

    • Terry -

      I would see that as a base answer to my question. I'd rather not have to install the java app on every machine that I might use to edit the maps, but I could work something out.

      Because this is in Java, I'd think that the capability to edit directly should be possible...perhaps it's a security issue?

      • Terry Doner
        Terry Doner

        Would you be okay with the Applet being used on the client machine?

        That would be fine with me. I would like to see the same user experience with either applet or application.

        Right now, you can link to another map as an http resource from the applet but not from the application.

        So I would like to see webdav supported from both appliction and applet. Of course the applet will be subject to additional security constraints.