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Version 0.7.2 beta release

  • Remco Boerma
    Remco Boerma

    Hi all,

    Haven't posted a msg for a while, as i was busy with other stuff.

    First of all, the new beta4 looks great. It's still beta, so it has some errors, but that's okay :) Thanks for the product so far!!!

    Feature request:
    Is it possible to allow for jython scripting again? As a non-java coder, i can read a bit of java code, but it's way to hard to write plugins for it now.
    It would be nice to have either jython, or some javascript scripting possibilities in the system (does the svg plugin have something like that? Could anyone post something about it? A howto maybe??? )

    I'm using freemind for quite some time, and love it. But i have some ideas i'd like to implement. But i don't know if it's possible, yet.. I'll keep it as a suprise what it exactly is :) I first want to see if i can get a proof of concept working... If this succeeds, i know many will be downloading freemind. But before i can start coding, i need the scripting possibility. . 

    Furthermore, i think allowing scripts to be run from another environment is a good thing to allow more people to participate in the development. It will also allow more people to extend the functionality of this beautiful product...


    Remco Boerma

    • Hi Remco,

      honestly, Jython was integrated and was thrown out two months later, because it was *so* slow. As the scripting needs to be interpreted due to the nature of the plugins, and the interpreter needs ca. 10sec. to start and executes the code in a velocity below C64 ....

      Well, moreover, it was so much easier to write the plugins under Eclipse having all the support of direct code analysis etc.

      Let me recommend to you to take the little time to learn some basic Java. It is worth.

      Yours, Chris

      • Remco Boerma
        Remco Boerma

        Is the javascripting still an option then? :)

        If not, i will have to ask some folks from around here to help me by writing the code. :) It's not just Freemind that's involved, so it best to have people from all the concerned projects involved. I'll just have to come up with an API and get some volunteers then.

        I will get back on this one ;)