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Getting started contributing on project

  • Mark Guertin
    Mark Guertin

    I've been a fan of FreeMind for some time, and wanted to start contributing to the project. Initially I would like to start with something small, to familiarize myself with both the code base as well as using Git.

    After digging through the bug reports, I found bug 1122 (https://sourceforge.net/p/freemind/bugs/1122/), a very minor request to have the spell checker's case sensitivity be optional. I've gotten the changes done and unit tested, but am unsure how to proceed from here. Any feedback on what comes next? The different sections for directions on the "Getting started as a developer" page seemed not entirely in sync with one another.

  • Hi,

    a warm welcome! As the next step: please provide your changes as a patch, or send it directly to me.

    TIA, Chris